In 2007, my agent (who is no longer my agent) shopped around an early version of Broken Piano for President.

It did not go so well. One editor at Viking went so far as to call the book “nauseating”.

Thankfully, Lazy Fascist Press fears no nausea. [Read more about the whole, depressing process of getting this book published.]


(Names have been removed to protect the nauseated.)

7 Responses to “Nauseating”

  1. Yanzi says:

    i’m sure he’ll be kicking himself soon, if not already.

  2. Jessica says:

    I just bought your book. 😛 I hope it’s fantastic. If I puke I’ll let you know.

  3. Don’t be surprised if that same guy will offer you a shameless amount of money for your next book without so much as blinking an eye. He would have dealt with the nausea, if he knew that the book makes it that high on Amazon.com.

    To the guy at Viking: you had me at “nauseating”. Will buy the book and a bottle of Jack Daniels, so everybody wins.

  4. Newman says:

    Didn’t even turn my stomach a few strong drinks deep into both (the book and the booze). Like my friend alcohol, this book is going to be revisited frequently during those late Summer nights. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and obscene Burger oriented world!

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