“[A] psychedelic trip of a novel”

Publisher’s Weekly

Broken Piano often reminds me in ways of Cave’s last novel, The Death of Bunny Munro.”

-The Fanzine

“a laugh out loud, thought-provoking novel.”


“The book is chock-full of sharp wit and punk irreverence and is a guaranteed treat for all enemies of Jonathan Franzen.”


“Patrick Wensink reads like Christopher Moore on very strong acid.  In Broken Piano For President, he’s created a Pynchonesque universe of blackout drinkers, burger-chain magnates, Oswald accomplices, starving Russian cosmonauts, valet parking attendants named for short French generals, Japanese punkers, and the various and sundry members of a rock band so lousy they make the Butthole Surfers sound like Abbey Road—a world that ranges so far beyond the bounds of absurdity that it all makes perfect sense.  A rollicking good time of a novel.”

–Greg Olear, author of FATHERMUCKER and TOTALLY KILLER

“[Wensink] commits to his stories and his vision of the world, from book to book and breath and breath, and with Broken Piano for President he not only continues to break fresh Wensinkian ground, he continues to find his voice, a warped voice surely, but one uniquely his own. And yes, I just dropped the phrase Wensinkian there, which I now here by officially claim as my own. Trademark pending of course. And Pat Riley be damned.”
-Ben Tanzer, author of “My Father’s House” and “You Can Make Him Like You”

“Decidedly humorous…” –

Article in Smalldoggies about the Tape.


“Deliciously dark and funny.”
– Louisville-Courier Journal
“This is Wensink’s special touch: to go as far out as possible with character and concept, but still drive a deeper meaning home. He does so by mixing his Palahniukian style with the kind of twisted humor you can normally only find on Adult Swim.”
– LEO Weekly

“In Wensink’s world ‘nothing special’ always turns ‘mucho weirdo’ before the story is over.”

“One of those rare gifts we get every now and again.”
– The Fanzine

“Irreverent, outrageous, and fearless in his choice of material, Patrick Wensink has a true knack for absurdity.”
– JOEYEY GOEBEL, author of Torture the Artist

“In his collection of stories Sex Dungeon For Sale!, Patrick Wensink
demonstrates a gift for darkly absurdist humor that (just guessing here) surely derives from watching either too much or not enough television.”
– JAMES GREER, author of The Failure

“Absurd, surreal, and funny.”

“Wensink has a sharp wit on display.”
– Jordan Krall, author of Tentacle Death Trip

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