It’s Not the Alcohol, It’s the Heroin.

Today’s Drinking Story:

Here we see former Guided By Voices bassist and novelist James Greer admitting to drinking and driving with one of the biggest rock bands of the 90s. 

There was the time when Breeders had just finished Last Splash and we were coming back to the houseboats in Sausalito where we all were, having stayed out late celebrating, and I got pulled over because I ran a stoplight by like ten minutes or something and had to do all the usual tests and Kelley [Deal] said, “It’s not the alcohol, officer, it’s the heroin.” THANKS KELLEY.

I thought I was doing really well. The two cops looked at each other and said something like, “He’s over 2.0, what do you want to do?”

And they were really nice about it and turned to Kelley who was drunker than me and said, “Are you all right to drive?” And she’s like, “Sure!” and we went back to the houseboats and then [drummer] Jim MacPherson who DOESN’T DRINK (or didn’t at that time) fell in the water trying to get into his houseboat.

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