Six Years of Failure

Patrick published a story chronicling Broken Piano for President‘s six years of repeated failure at the amazingly awesome Thought Catalog. 

Here’s a taste:


While [my agent] Moreen is enthusiastic about Broken Piano for President, I discreetly ignore numerous red flags. Such as: she’s never sold a book and her resume highlights include appearing in a Beck’s beer commercial directed by Ridley Scott. Such as: her office is in a modeling agency and Moreen admits that she sometimes does weekend baby shoots to keep in good standing with the landlord. This is also discounting the fact that her first suggestion is to get an 8×10 headshot because my black glasses have a “writerly” look.

The next several months are a tilt-a-whirl of failure. Harper Collins says no, Viking calls Broken Piano for President “nauseating,” Ben Stiller’s production company claims it is too dark; Adam Sandler’s production company turns up its nose like the manuscript was made from Academy Awards or dignity.

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